Sunday, October 9, 2011


Like you, I'm sick and damn tired of the "Occupy Wall Street" crap that is spreading across the United States like a cancer. As economist Thomas Sowell pointed out, it's immoral to hold protests to demand something that one did not earn. No one has a right to my property, just as no one has a right to yours.

We the People must answer these anarchists, these 9/11 Truthers, these Communists, and these antisemites. We must defend the right to private property. We must defend the Constitution. We must defend free market capitalism. We must defend our troops risking life and limb in Iraq and Afghanistan. We must defend the unborn. We must defend religion. In short, We the People must defend the American Way.

In 2009, We the People rose up and started the Tea Party, which handed the Statist Left its worst electoral beating in decades during the 2010 Midterm Massacre. It was a great time to be a patriot, and I am proud I was a part of it.

The time has come to do it again.

Since the Ignorant Left wants to "occupy" the heart of capitalism, We the People should "occupy" the heart of American socialism. We should hold Tea Party rallies outside of welfare offices, outside the headquarters of the IRS, outside of Planned Parenthood offices, outside of Socialist Security offices, outside of the Department of Eduation, the EPA, or any other part the unconstitutional Alphabet Soup that makes up the federal bureaucracy.

This is our country, Patriots. Let's not give it up without a fight. Let's stand up and fight for what is OURS.


  1. Cutting off welfare would only feed into the population control scheme, and would be a form of genocide.

    If they cut welfare, the Neo Con/Neo Lib Zeitgeist will only give that money to criminal mega banks.

  2. The 'criminal mega banks' simply took the money Obama offered them, with no strings attached. The auto industry was required to repay their loans, along with the insurance companies. Most of that HAS been repaid, but not the banks; they got a FREE RIDE!