Sunday, March 11, 2012

Who's Ready For Occupy Chicago ?

From the commie miscreants at Adbusters:


"Hey you wild cats, dreamers, redeemers, horizontals,
The stage is set for a climactic showdown in Chicago.

The crisis of capitalism is deepening. Youth unemployment has reached 50% in Spain and Greece… 30% in Portugal and Italy… 22% in the UK… almost 20% in the US. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are waking up to the fact that their future does not compute… that their lives will be a never ending series of ecological, financial, political and personal crises… and that if we don’t rise up and start fighting for a different kind of future, we won’t have a future.
That struggle ignites again May 1.

#OCCUPYCHICAGO will be the focal point of this global spiritual insurrection… 50,000 of us will converge on the windy city and confront the G8 and NATO leaders with an ultimatum. We will set up impromptu encampments throughout the city and wage a full-spectrum memewar backed up by new tactics of anarchic swarming. Our militant in-your-face nonviolence will inspire thousands of towns, cities and campuses around the world to rise up in solidarity just like they did last October."


Well, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the "Occupy" movement didn't die, it just hibernated for the winter in Mom's Basement. When the "Occupy" movement springs to back to life like a zombie, you can bet your last dollar that the violence that always seems to follow "Occupy" protests will resume.

And why is that ?

The "Occupy" movement was designed to be the terrorist wing of the hard Left, despite all the claims that it was a "non-violent" movement. Creating chaos and committing acts of terror are the primary goals of the the "Occupy" movement. The mutants who make up the "Occupy" movement understand, especially after the "shellacking" the Left took in the 2010 Midterm elections, that the United States always has and always will be a Center-Right country. When push comes to shove, most Americans reject the idea of socialism. In other words, since the Left can't win at the ballot box, they're going to try to win on the streets, and they don't care who's maimed or killed in the process.

Although it's a common practice to "credit" Adbusters (a leftist magazine devoted to exposing the "evils" of American consumerism and capitalism, blah, blah, blah, 2+2=5, yadda, yadda, yadda) co-founder and leftist documentary maker Kalle Lasn as the father of the "Occupy" movement, this may not be entirely true. The true father of the "Occupy" movement may be fellow Adbuster Slavoj Zizek.
(Quick! Someone call Maury Povich!)

Slavoj Zizek ? Didn't he play right wing for the Bruins or something ?

Uh, no. And the last words I would use to describe Slavoj Zizek are "right wing". Zizek is a real deal Red who was a member of the communist party in Slovenia, during the Bad Old Days of the Iron Curtain. Here's what Kevin Williamson, a deputy managing editor at the National Review and adjunct professor at The King's College in New York City, had to say about Zizek in his terrific read, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism:


"It is worth bearing in mind that today's socialists, for all their democratic rhetoric, do not disavow violence, either in rhetoric or in practice. Writing in a 2010 issue of the New Left Review, Slavoj Zizek, arguably the most influential leftist intellectual alive, calls explicitly for the use of violence---as he has in the past---and excuses---as he has in the past--- the atrocities perpetrated by socialists in the name of socialism."


Professor Williamson was on to way more than he realized. The article in question that Zizek penned, "A Permanent Economic Emergency", lays out the basis of the "Occupy" movement. It should be noted that this article appeared approximately 13 months before the unwashed began camping out at Zuccotti Park. Here are the naughty words:


"Closely linked to the necessary de-fetishization of ‘democratic institutions’ is the de-fetishization of their negative counter-part: violence. For example, [Alain] Badiou [a French leftist who inspired Zizek] recently proposed exercising ‘defensive violence’ by means of building free domains at a distance from state power, subtracted from its reign (like the early Solidarnosc in Poland), and only resisting by force state attempts to crush and re-appropriate these ‘liberated zones’. The problem with this formula is that it relies on a deeply problematic distinction between the ‘normal’ functioning of the state apparatus and the ‘excessive’ exercise of state violence. But the ABC of Marxist notions of class struggle is the thesis that ‘peaceful’ social life is itself an expression of the (temporary) victory of one class—the ruling one. From the standpoint of the subordinated and oppressed, the very existence of the state, as an apparatus of class domination, is a fact of violence. Similarly, Robespierre argued that regicide is not justified by proving the King had committed any specific crime: the very existence of the King is a crime, an offence against the freedom of the people. In this strict sense, the use of force by the oppressed against the ruling class and its state is always ultimately ‘defensive’. If we do not concede this point, we volens nolens ‘normalize’ the state and accept its violence as merely a matter of contingent excesses. The standard liberal motto—that it is sometimes necessary to resort to violence, but it is never legitimate—is not sufficient. From the radical-emancipatory perspective, one should turn it around: for the oppressed, violence is always legitimate—since their very status is the result of violence—but never necessary: it is always a matter of strategic consideration whether to use force against the enemy or not."

 Still with me ? Hey, wake up!!

(Believe it or not, I didn't make a mistake cutting and pasting the above slop. That was all one paragraph. This guy is almost as bad as a writer as Adolf Hitler was.)

"free domains" ?

"liberated zones" ?

It's funny how many times we heard those words during the whole "Occupy" debacle, isn't it ? Again, keep in mind, "A Permanent Economic Emergency" was published 13 months before the "Occupy" mutants started infesting Zuccotti Park.

Get ready, Chicago. A bumpy ride is ahead.